The stories you find here were captured during two weeks in January of 2016 by ten Adelphi University undergraduate students and their professors. The goal of this site is to showcase glimpses of what life looks like in Cuba as the island nation begins to experience unprecedented historical change. To be certain, the country is no longer off limits to Americans and so the masses begin to arrive with their cameras, their questions and hopefully with humility. There is much to be learned from our warm and welcoming neighbors and we hope that some of these stories reveal this. We also hope that others that visit Cuba and discover stories that may inform or touch others attempting to learn what makes this country so profoundly unique will be inspired to submit their story to this website so that it may become a digital archive of the so called "transition," whatever that may or may not amount to.

If you would like to discuss or submit a story please email: jdrew@adelphi.edu